ETRM Data Integration

Feed any system and generate files with our Marketplace Publisher tool. You can add dynamic mapping and customize your output (CSV, Text, and XML supported) to lists built to your satisfaction. Our clients have the freedom to pull Publisher lists directly via API or automatically at custom intervals with our Scheduler application.

Data Access - Access 3500+ feeds from our stock of hundreds of vendors and develop lists from that data in Publisher. We carefully QA the data we are sent and make it easy for clients to pull via API or our Scheduler tool.

Customized Output - Receive data files showing your internal terminology, symbols, and value mappings with Publisher. We have designed Publisher to be flexible in its output to accommodate numerous formats.

System Integration - Grab the data you need quickly from Publisher with a variety of APIs that programmatically pull data into your system integration. Our Scheduler tool further automates the process with a set, custom schedule of data downloads.

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