Web-based Real-time Dashboard

Monitor real-time and historical fundamental and exchange data using our completely web-based tool, Morningstar Markets Commodity Edition. Our product provides a collaborative user interface alongside a scalable framework that can deliver tailored data configurations from your desktop or tablet.

Comprehensive Market Overview - Advance your knowledge of market trends with our Markets tool so that you can increase returns from data in the present and future.

Key Benefits

  • 300+ Aggregated Data Sources
  • Real-time and Historical Data
  • Real-time ISO & TSO Data
  • Proprietary Curves and Marks
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Seasonal Charting
  • Forward Curves
  • Event-driven Analysis
  • Real-time Streaming News
  • Dow Jones News Service
  • WSI Weather Maps
  • Microsoft Excel Integration
  • Browser Based Application
  • Zero Installation Required

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