Excel Add-In

Rapid Data Access

If you’ve ever needed a high-powered, rigorously quality-checked tool that brings consolidated market, real-time, and proprietary data, look no further than the Morningstar Commodity Add-In. When we saw how clients needed fast access to large amounts of data over global networks, we developed the Add-In to enable our clients to retrieve a wide range of data as highly customizable and function-based outputs, including forward curves, seasonal analysis, intraday data, derived time series, and event-driven analysis.

Seasonal & Event-Driven Analysis - Streamline market calculations for smarter year over year analyses with the flexibility to align raw time series and custom formulas by using our seasonal analysis tool.

Proprietary Data Upload - Pull data directly into Excel from hundreds of energy market vendors and your own proprietary data. Every upload is meticulously indexed, entitled, and logged, providing you with a comprehensive tool to see who loaded a data set, when it was loaded, and where it was loaded.

Pre-Built Templates - Immediately access complex spreadsheets with Morningstar Add-In Templates for Microsoft Excel. The templates are pre-built spreadsheets for those analyzing the energy and commodity markets. Templates are market specific and include updating charts and data tables.

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