Products and Services Suite Built on AWS

Gain the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for with our state-of-the-art cloud-based platform, Marketplace. Leverage the latest technology in cloud computing for flexible web-based access to real-time, historical, and customer-proprietary data to meet your data analysis needs. Accessing our large data library will enable you to easily and quickly build and publish customizable data sources, derivations, and much more.

Check out our integrated suite of products and services to see how we can help address your business needs.

Morningstar Marketplace: Endless possibilities

  • Rapid Data Access
  • Comprehensive Data Checks
  • Seamless Data Integration
  • Cloud Platform
  • SOC1 Designation

Marketplace Metrics

  • 5M API calls per day to external facing web servers
  • 80M files uploaded in the last 365 days (221,000 files per day!)
  • 143M symbols across 3,443 feeds
  • 724M data points processed per day
  • 99.9982% of CF files processed in June 2018 finished in less than 5 minutes

Add-In - Rapid Data Access
The Morningstar Add-In consolidates high-powered market data alongside our rigorous quality-assurance checks into Microsoft Excel. Optimized for remote users for seamless integration into the user’s local Excel environment, the Add-In has satisfied the needs of clients who demand fast access to large amounts of data over wide area networks.

Markets - Web-based Real-time Dashboard
Access the most comprehensive collection of global energy and commodity data in one easy-to-use web-based platform that can be easily accessed from your desktop or tablet. Our Markets allows you to analyze real-time market data and historical prices as well as news headlines, stories, and proprietary data.

Workflow - Automated Data Derivation
Customize derivations of market and proprietary data with our configurable, automated Workflow Manager. Our tool has fulfilled the needs of risk managers and analysts by letting them choose how to apply their own business logic to data in order to create actionable data points that they can then integrate into their end systems or visualize in front end applications.

Publisher - ETRM Data Integration
Feed any ETRM and generate files with our Marketplace Publisher tool. Our tool gives users the opportunity to build lists of data, add dynamic mappings, and customize their output (CSV, Text, and XML supported). Our clients can pull Publisher lists directly via API or automatically at custom intervals with the Scheduler application.

Web Services - Efficient Custom API
Need to access data quickly from anywhere around the globe? We’ve got you covered with Morningstar Web Services. Built with performance in mind, our tool offers developers flexible methods for downloading and uploading market data.

Scheduler - On-Demand Data Files Generation
We want our clients to exceed their business goals, so we created the Marketplace Scheduler so users can download their Marketplace Publisher lists according to a customizable schedule for more flexibility and efficiency. Easily accessed through Publisher’s website, the Marketplace Scheduler helps clients automate data list generation.