Data Sources & Quality

We work with hundreds of leading data vendors to deliver quality-checked energy, agricultural, and financial data. We offer our clients an established commodity data package, as well as a robust selection of data sets clients can add as needed. Our extensive relationships with our data providers act as the foundation of our clients’ management of data as we continue to expand available data sources.

Our legacy allows us to develop and maintain relationships with over 300 data providers, including:

  • Platts
  • ICE
  • CME
  • Argus
  • Opis
  • ISOs (PJM, ERCOT, MISO, ISO NE, CAISO and etc.)

The breadth and depth of our data covers all major types of commodity and energy pricing and fundamental data, including:

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Power
  • Emissions
  • Agriculture
  • Metals
  • Shipping
  • Weather

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Data Vendor List

Data Quality

Our continuous pursuit of data excellence is deeply embedded in the way we work.

Our Obsession with Excellence

Quality data is the foundation of our company – it’s what powers our products and drives our research. Giving our clients the best products and data possible for making informed decisions is our top priority.

Commodity Data Collection with 45+ Quality Checks

Our dedicated data analysts work to keep the data we provide accurate, timely, and complete. As market information flows in from 300+ sources, our specialized data analysts don’t just parse the data – they standardize and cleanse it. Our 45+ quality checks ensure data is corrected for irregularities, and any questionable values that are flagged are assigned to a Morningstar data analyst for immediate review to ensure that our clients are receiving the cleanest possible data.

Listening to Our Clients

Our clients and their evolving needs directly inspire the improvement we make to our business. Constantly incorporating feedback and innovative delivery methods, while also responding to advances in technology and worldwide regulations, into our products’ development is something we are known for doing well.

Continuous and Responsive Monitoring

We keep constant watch over the data we deliver around the clock. We monitor and diagnose data issues to catch them before we hear about them from clients. Our data operators are available 24/7 to address client concerns, which we aim to resolve in less than two hours.

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