Bringing Expertise and Innovation to Commodity and Energy Markets

Accomplish more with our suite of data management products that provide actionable information and valuable insights in the commodity and energy sectors. Our clients receive access to our integrated enterprise-level software for easier analysis of proprietary and market data, more automated generation of up-to-date results, and faster execution of transformative business decisions, with unmatched 24/7 customer support.

Unparalleled Data

Real-time & History. Proprietary & Exchange.


Data Feeds


Data Points





Independent Research

We consider understanding the direction and volatility of the markets to be just as important as leveraging data to invest in the best opportunities.

Equip your team with our independent thought leadership and research to familiarize yourself with industry trends and to maintain a head start in selecting lucrative opportunities in oil, power, and gas that competitors won’t see coming.


Rapid Data Access


Real-time Web-based Dashboard

Workflow Manager

Automated Data Derivation


ETRM Data Integration

Web Services

Efficient Custom API


On-Demand Data Files Generation

Uncompromised Security

We adhere to the highest operational requirements and best security standards. With our SOC1 designation, you can be confident that your proprietary data and models are secure and auditable.

Cloud-based Solutions

Our commitment to powerful hosted solutions provides significant performance benefits and IT cost savings for our clients.

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